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Did you know that in 2014 fewer cinema tickets were sold in the UK than books bought through bookstores?

This may indicate that not many people go to see a film. I like to think it means that a lot of people like reading books – and are even prepared to pay for the pleasure.

For a pleasure it is, at least according to a recent survey by Dr Josie Billington at University of Liverpool. Of her sample of 4164 people 58% said they read regularly and these regular readers turn out to have greater levels of self-esteem, are less stressed and can cope better with difficult situations than non-readers.

So, if you’re in a need of a pick-me-up, pick up a book.

Two recent paperback releases have been picked by readers in such numbers that both have reached bestseller lists. The books have more in common than popularity; both follow a successful debut novel and the setting in both is the world of book publishing. There’s a closer look at these two titles, The Silkworm and The Accident, on the READ page of this posting.